Conservatory Roof in Ashampstead Green

Conservatory Roof in Ashampstead Green

As it’s the roof that will bear the brunt of Mother Nature’s wrath it’s crucial that you select the right type of roof and the right material

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Conservatory Roof in Ashampstead Green

There are a number of good reasons to add a conservatory to your home in Ashampstead Green . First, you’ll increase your home’s usable floor space. Second you’ll create a warm, bright sanctuary where you can rise above the winter doldrums and third you’ll add substantial market value to your home.

But how do you know exactly which type of conservatory is right for you and, just as important, which type of conservatory roof will be best, both from an aesthetic standpoint and the standpoint of optimal functionality?

Choosing the Right Conservatory Roof

As it’s the roof that will bear the brunt of Mother Nature’s wrath it’s crucial that you select the right type of roof and the right material. Scrimp on the materials or build quality and you could wind up with a conservatory that’s large unusable. Some of the considerations in play when planning the roof for your conservatory include:

Style of roof - The style of your conservatory roof will need to dovetail with the style of the rest of the structure. For instance: you can’t put a lean to roof on one of our Edwardian conservatories in Ashampstead Green without it looking bizarre, to say the least. If you’ve chosen a traditional design for your conservatory you’ll need a traditional roof. One with multiple slopes and ornate framing.

Glass - One of the main functions of the conservatory is to provide a bright, airy environment that occupies a grey area between indoors and outdoors. It won’t be very bright and airy however if you use a solid roof. Glass is the preferred choice for conservatory roofs because it’s the best way to let in the most light. There are many types of glass that are perfect for conservatory roofs in Ashampstead Green including double glazed for insulation purposes, self-cleaning glass to reduce maintenance and glass with various filters. Ask our sales people for details.

Polycarbonate - Not everyone requires a clear roof on their conservatory. Some simply want a bit of light to filter down from on high while others are concerned with privacy issues created by nearby tall buildings. Still others don’t plan on filling their conservatory with greenery and so there’s no need for unimpeded sunlight to flood the space. For these people we often recommend polycarbonate sheets. They’re affordable and can provide excellent insulation. If there’s a downside it’s that polycarbonate tends to need regular cleaning.

Blinds - If you have the aforementioned privacy concerns but don’t want to forfeit the advantages of a glass roof blinds can be just what the doctor ordered. Roof blinds also help block direct sunlight on those mid-summer afternoons when it might be too much. They can also help you retain heat in the conservatory on those bone-chilling January days.

The roof plays an integral part in the life of your conservatory, helping you control heat gain and loss, providing your plants with necessary sunlight and your guests in Ashampstead Green with necessary privacy all while standing up to the weather. To make sure you choose the right style and materials for your conservatory roof talk to one of our design professionals.

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