Lean To Conservatory in Isle of Wight

Lean To Conservatory in Isle of Wight

Lean to conservatories imbue your home with a Mediterranean flavour, gathering in the precious winter sunlight and trapping its heat to provide a comfortable refuge

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Lean To Conservatory in Isle of Wight

The lean to conservatory is the conservatory in its simplest form with clean, clear lines that take the refinement of the Edwardian conservatory to a new level. They’re the preferred conservatory in Isle of Wight for those seeking an understated type of Mediterranean sunroom extension and are typically the most cost-effective type of conservatory to build as well. The lean to is ideal for those seeking to extend a home on a tight lot that may not provide adequate space for a more elaborate Victorian conservatory or domestic orangery.

The Lean to Conservatory: The All-Purpose Extension

Lean to conservatories imbue your home with a Mediterranean flavour, gathering in the precious winter sunlight and trapping its heat to provide a comfortable refuge. They make the most of available space and their sloped roof can be made to match the steep sloped roof of the terraced house or the gentle slope of the bungalow.

If you’re working with a tight budget or a tight space the lean to style of conservatory is likely your best option. Their advantages are many and include:

  • A simple shape that allows you to maximize floor space.
  • The flexibility and simplicity to adapt to any lot and home style.
  • Unparalleled affordability due to the minimalist nature of the design.
  • Ease of maintenance due to that simple flat panel 2 or 3 wall construction.
  • Uncluttered lines that won’t create visual discord or distract from the rest of your home.
  • The perfect way to extend a kitchen, dining room or living room and open it up to the light.
  • The simplicity of the structure makes it strong unlike some free standing conservatories that can fall victim to extreme weather events.

First in Quality

All of our conservatories in Isle of Wight are designed to meet the same exacting quality standards and can be used year round regardless of temperature or weather conditions. The durable, energy efficient glass we use to create them will help lower your heating bills in the winter and your air conditioning bills in the summer. And, due to their embrace of timeless design aesthetics, they’ll never look dated.

The Cost-Effective Solution

When compared to a traditional extension of the same size a lean to conservatory can save you big whether you’re leaving the exterior wall of the home intact or demolishing it to extend an existing room with the conservatory. Because there will be minimal carrying over of utility lines into the conservatory fewer trades will be involved, further lowering construction costs.

Your new conservatory can be used as a play room, tea room, greenhouse, dining area or kitchen extension just to name a few. To ensure year round comfort and usability you can also install in-floor radiant heating and make sure you keep that heat in the home with double glazed windows.

Yes, a lean to extension will serve a multitude of purposes while ramping up the market value of your home at the same time. That’s what’s commonly called a win-win situation. Give us a call to find out more about how a lean to conservatory can benefit your home, or if you want to find out about our orangies in Isle of Wight.

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