Victorian Conservatory in Aberdeen

Victorian Conservatory in Aberdeen

The venerable Victorian-style conservatory embodies unabashed style and elegance and will increase the market value of your home while providing you expanded living and entertaining possibilities.

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Victorian Conservatory in Aberdeen

Victorian conservatories can be a fantastic way to add more style to your home without breaking your budget, giving you a brand new Victorian-style conservatory that looks great and adds plenty of living space.

At Conservatories Near Me, we pride ourselves on providing some of the best Victorian conservatory styles in the UK. Whether we are focusing on architectural flourishes or practical house styles, we can make sure that you get the Victorian conservatory style you are looking for.

Victorian conservatories offer some excellent natural light and extra living space, but what makes a Victorian-style conservatory add so much to a home?

Who Are We?

Conservatories Near Me are an experienced conservatory construction group offering unique, bespoke conservatories to our clients. Our full understanding of Victorian conservatory styles has come from years of working on conservatory, orangery, and modern new build projects.

Why Choose Us

Our friendly UK team are always ready to take on a new build project, especially when it involves working on a popular style of period property - like a Victorian-style conservatory.

We can produce some of the best Victorian-era windows, doors, conservatories, roofs and more. We make sure that every one of our Victorian-style conservatory projects will meet building regulations and security precautions and fits flawlessly with a modern existing property.

As professional UK conservatory builders, we understand how important it is to create a space that perfectly fits your taste, design and your home. A conservatory that does not fit well with your house's structure or layout can easily become a major headache for the homeowner.

That is why we make sure that the conservatories we build are perfect for the home and the homeowners. A professional conservatory company that knows what it is doing is the best choice for building a comfortable conservatory space for your home.

10 Years of Building Victorian Conservatories

After over 10 years of working with the Victorian-era conservatory style, we understand how to maintain that classical appearance while including modern double glazing, underfloor heating, and other benefits that our UK clients seek out.

We aim to be highly versatile, offering panoramic views and Victorian architecture alongside a huge range of installation options and bespoke aesthetics. We can take the most popular style of conservatory in the UK and adjust it to meet your personal tastes, whether that means modern UK styles or historical England period homes.

What is the Victorian Conservatory Style?

The Victorian conservatory is one of the most popular style choices for conservatories in England and throughout many other parts of the world. Developed during the reign of Queen Victoria and spurred on by architectural works like the Crystal Palace, these conservatories use steeply-pitched roof designs and a bay front window.

These conservatories were created for the wealthy, especially when Queen Victoria had many people to visit. They were built in an era when Victorian architecture and the country were going through a lot of changes. Even today, this style can be seen in some English buildings as well as in other parts of the world.

Victorian conservatories generally have three windows in their bay area, along with a lot of ornaments and other decorative details. They are designed to look stylish and often use dense materials, focusing on getting natural light from all angles rather than just a few.

The panoramic views they offer have made them a favourite of people who want garden rooms to watch over their garden or who want to work outdoors while being sheltered by a toughened glass roof.

Victorian conservatory styles

There are a lot of different ways to design Victorian conservatories, especially in modern homes. While the Victorian conservatory has some specific design elements that are not really meant to be removed, they are also highly flexible and can be adapted to match a lot of different tastes.

Victorian conservatories are some of the most popular ways to design homes today, and for a good reason. They provide a lot of room for plants while offering plenty of light to bring out the colours in flowers and greenery. They are also a really flexible design that can be adapted into almost any type of living area.

The Victorian conservatory is a very traditional style, but there are a few modern features that can be incorporated into the design to make it look more contemporary. Following modern building regulations is not hard with any conservatory style, and these particular designs are perfect for building your own bespoke conservatories.

Victorian-style conservatory benefits

Even if you make major adjustments to the basic idea of a Victorian conservatory, there are still some benefits that make them a great starting point for a completely custom project; these include:

  • Plenty of additional room.

  • A very attractive and old-school design.

  • Easy access to natural light, keeping the conservatory warmer overall while also making it easier to use throughout the day.

  • Far cheaper than an extension that also has glass roof elements.

  • Usually simple enough not to require planning permission in any major capacity.

  • Panorama views of the nearby garden, which are highly customisable through the kinds of windows you end up choosing.

  • A lot of different ways to adapt the design, including using new doors or changing the materials you end up using.

Installing Victorian Conservatories

Our expert staff are pleased to supply you with a range of conservatory designs that we can adapt to your home and budget. In the case of Victorian styles, we can make sure to provide more than just a range of colour options - we offer a huge range of bespoke ways to improve on the basic design.


We can use a huge range of materials in our installation work, whether those are period-appropriate timber or oak modern alternatives that can create an excellent extension to your modern property. From the walls to the roof, we approach the conservatory installation as a serious task and aim to create something that our customers are happy with. If you want oak, we can provide everything from naturally treated oak to synthetic oak, based entirely on what you are looking for.


The windows (including roof windows) in your conservatory are a huge part of its design, allowing you to look out into the garden and get natural sunlight throughout the day. Not only do we offer a huge variety of windows to have installed, but we can also approach the glazing in whatever way you need, whether that is double-glazing or triple-glazing. This applies to glass roof pieces, too, which need their own insulation done correctly to keep the conservatory temperature controlled.


The doors used in a space like this are very different to the kind of doors you would see in a normal house. This means that we can help our clients pick from a huge range of door options, each of which can be tweaked and adjusted to suit their needs.

Other Ideas

If you have any other bespoke wants, from a place to grow exotic plants indoors to a stained glass roof, then our experts can find ways to make it possible. We can even provide conservatories with highly unique additions, such as custom finials and castellation designs that are perfect for the gothic style.

Victorian Conservatory Cost

Most Victorian conservatory projects fall between £12,000 and £17,000 on average, although this can vary heavily based on a range of different factors that are not always immediately clear.


The size of your new conservatory will play a part in how much it costs. Larger conservatories require more material to construct and thus tend to cost more.

Size can also have an effect on thermal performance and your overall comfort in the conservatory itself. While the cost of a larger conservatory will have a greater impact on your budget, it also gives you more flexibility to choose a design that fits your personal tastes.


Complex conservatories that use a unique gothic shape or bespoke space layout often cost more as a whole. This is because building them takes more specialised effort.

The price can vary significantly based on this. For example, you might pay an extra £2,000 to £3,000 more if the conservatory is made using specialist options like bespoke glass tints/stains and unique window and frame styles.

Additional Features

Adding extra features to a conservatory, such as additional doors or improved triple-glazing, will also bump the costs up slightly. This depends entirely on what you plan to add.

If you are a purist and want a plain, basic conservatory, the added costs will be minimal. However, if you want an extra room in your conservatory or you have some particular design in mind, additional features will increase the total amount you have to spend.

Estimating Cost

If you want to get help with managing the cost of your new conservatory, contact us for a free quote. Part of our trading style is to help our clients without just handing them an online form - we want to be present and helpful when they are struggling with budget issues or are not sure what to focus on next.

We can work with companies like Novuna personal finance to help manage the costs of the conservatory and offer a free quotation to any client that needs it. Our experts will help you work out how much your new garden house conservatory styles would cost and find ways to reduce the cost as needed.

Victorian Conservatory Materials

  • Aluminium

  • UPVC Conservatories

  • Timber

Victorian Conservatory Roofs

  • Tiled Conservatory Roof

  • Glass Conservatory Roof

  • Solid Panel Conservatory Roof

  • Hybrid Conservatory Roof

Victorian Conservatory Roof Replacement

We are fully capable of replacing the roof in your Victorian conservatories, whether that is to repair damage or to give you a better roof option that you prefer as a whole. For example, we can swap standard Victorian roof styles for the roof from a modern period property or a roof that has its own roof windows built into it.

Victorian Conservatory Repair

The most common reason for conservatories needing repair is just due to natural wear and tear, which is usually minor. This could be something as simple as chipped wood on the conservatory itself. Even so, sometimes the conservatory needs urgent work to keep it in one piece.

We always take the time to inspect our finished projects for maximum durability, but eventually, any conservatory will wear out. We are fully equipped to deal with repairing anything from the bay front windows to the bi-fold doors as needed.

Victorian Conservatory Plans

Planning out Victorian conservatory styles means understanding what these Victorian historic styles actually are and how they can be adapted to suit your modern conservatory needs.

We can provide the planning expertise you need to get the ideal conservatory option for your property. Our experts can map out the whole room according to your bespoke wishes, from individual windows to the exterior aesthetics.

Do I need planning permission for a Victorian conservatory?

If you are planning on creating a Victorian conservatory in your home, then you may need planning permission. Any major exterior changes can often require planning permission before installation, especially if your ideas mean making significant changes to your building or property.

Victorian Conservatory Glass Types

  • Heat Reflective Glass

  • Laminated Conservatory Glass

  • Toughened Safety Glass

  • Self-Cleaning Glass

  • Curved Conservatory Glass

  • Leaded Conservatory Glass

  • Georgians Bars

  • Frosted Conservatory Glass

  • Single Glazed Glass

  • Double Glazed Glass

  • Triple Glazed Glass

Victorian Conservatory Door Types

  • Bi-Fold doors

  • French doors

  • Patio doors

  • Single doors

  • Panelled doors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Victorian conservatory?

A Victorian conservatory is simply a specific design of conservatory space popularised in the Victorian era. In general, these are identified by ornate roof ridges, pitched roofs, bay window fronts and often finials or other roof ornaments. However, when attached to a modern house, there are a lot of ways that they might be adapted to suit that modern aesthetic instead.

What is the difference between a Victorian and an Edwardian conservatory?

Edwardian designs use a square design and often have a flat roof, providing slightly more space but costing a lot of style in the process. Other than that, they tend to have less ornamentation, and fewer defined lines, making them more subtle - which is not always what a homeowner wants.

What shape is a Victorian conservatory?

Victorian conservatory styles can be installed in many shapes, although they are most often designed with a bay front. This means that they have at least two angled walls and windows next to the front ones, meaning that they are not an exact square.


As a professional UK conservatory company, we understand how important it is to get an outdoor space that fits with your aesthetic choices and physical requirements. We want to make sure that every one of our clients walks away satisfied with the conservatory styles we help them select and the spaces we build.

It does not matter what type of conservatory you want, whether you are looking for a traditional conservatory or something contemporary. Whatever your choice, we can help. We can offer free-of-charge consultations to help you decide the best way to create the space of your dreams or even design your ideal conservatory.

We work with many of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the materials we need, so you can be sure that we are getting you the best conservatory possible for your money. We do not want to waste your time and budget with things you are not looking for, especially if you are already dead-set on getting a specific design or visual style.

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Our team is always available to talk to you and answer any questions you might have. If you want to know more about the work we do or the options that we can provide to our UK customers, contact us directly to talk to some of our specialists.

We are always ready to take on new UK clients, so do not hesitate to get in touch and discuss your options or ideas.

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