Orangerys in Na h-Eileanan an Iar

Orangerys in Na h-Eileanan an Iar

This type of home addition first appeared in the gardens of renaissance Italy where the local glass makers were among the first to perfect the art of creating large sheets of clear glass.

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Orangery in Na h-Eileanan an Iar

An orangery can be a great addition to any home, providing a very unique design that addds some extra flair and comfort to the original house. Regardless of the orangery designs you're considering, a bespoke orangery project can make a significant difference to the way you use your home.

At Conservatories Near Me, we understand how to produce a new orangery based on our clients' wants and needs. Each bespoke orangery design we produce is something new and attractive, constructing a new extension for our clients to serve as the perfect "garden rooms".

Whether you want a new space to use as part of the main house or just want an orangery design to add significant value to your home, we can provide a custom design to suit your needs.

Who Are We

We are bespoke orangery designers with a wide range of different orangery extension projects under our belt. From full bespoke design work to conversions of existing extensions, we can produce the perfect new orangery for each client, taking all of their preferences into account.

Our expert designers have spent years gathering experience working on a range of building projects, including a huge variety of conservatories and orangeries. We understand how to produce produce an orangery or conservatory that stands out while still fitting with the rest of the building.

Each orangery that we produce is designed to meet the maximum possible standards of quality, matching the style of an existing property while including whatever features the client wants. From large windows to underfloor heating, we know how to produce the perfect space for any home.

Why Choose Us

We aim to provide the best conservatory and orangery options on the market, producing a range of garden additions that can serve countless different roles. We understand the current trends for a space like this, but also know how to tailor each room we construct to match the client's wishes.

With countless satisfied past clients and a long list of completed projects, we have a deep pool of experience to draw from. Our bespoke orangery designs enable us to build each new orangery to match the client's exact plans, right down to natural light requirements or specific other materials that they want.

From straightforward wooden orangeries to completely unique orangery designs that use a wide range of modern materials, we can construct the perfect space for your home in record time. Our experts understand how to tackle even the most complex of plans, and we can help bring your ideal orangery to life.

10 Years of Building Orangeries

At Conservatories Near Me, we have gathered over ten years of experience working with countless conservatories and orangeries. Each new project has the added benefit of making us even more experienced, and our modern orangery designs only get better year after year.

We offer year-round construction options and a huge range of different options, all drawn from our experience in the conservatory industry. Our goal is to produce the ideal orangery or conservatory for each client, no matter how complex the project is.

While other companies like Westbury Garden Rooms or David Salisbury may have their niches, we prefer to tackle the orangery market head-on. We combine the experience and services of countless companies - from Westbury Garden Rooms and David Salisbury to local orangery specialists - to deliver bespoke orangery designs that are tailored to each client's exact wishes.

We do our best to focus on delivering an ideal orangery construction experience. Rather than relying on companies like David Salisbury or Novuna Personal Finance options, we can arrange each individual step of the construction for you.

Creating a New Orangery

We are fully prepared to take on any kind of challenge when creating a new orangery. We have all of the skills and equipment to get started as soon as the plan is prepared, whether it's one you've already created or a plan that our experts have to help perfect.

From the most basic brick-build orangeries with simple french doors to incredibly complex designs, we can make sure that we produce something that looks great and gives you an excellent view of any fruit trees and exotic plants in your garden.

Modern Orangery Design

Even if we aim for traditional styles, we still use modern design methods to ensure maximum quality in every orangery. Even the simplest brick base is made with modern methods to give the finished product some important benefits, from overall durability to simple practicality.

Additions (Like Wooden Shutters)

We can provide all kinds of features based on your bespoke needs, from specific kinds of French doors to unique design options that only make sense for your home. No matter how complex and niche the plan, we can make it work.

Other Companies (like Westbury Garden Rooms and David Salisbury)

We can take over from projects that other companies (such as David Salisbury) already finished, refining or adjusting your old conservatory space into something new and unique. If you're looking for some changes and tweaks, we can make them possible.

Let us know what you're looking for when you ge tin to

Orangery Cost

The cost to create a new orangery from scratch is around £32,000 in the UK. Remember that this is a completely average - each orangery is unique, and one orangery extension may be far cheaper while another conservatory is much more expensive. There are a lot of factors that can influence the cost of an orangery, from overall size to the materials used to construct it.

We always aim to keep each orangery extension within the client's budget, working with them to find more suitable orangery designs and additions that can keep the costs low. We want to make building an orangery a stress-free process for our clients, especially if they're on a limited budget.

Different features and design elements can completely change the overall cost of an orangery, and our team specialise in making sure that every single client gets exactly what they're looking for. Whether it's simple wooden shutters or elaborate French doors, we can help you budget and focus on the design elements you want most.

Orangery Materials

  • Aluminium

  • UPVC Conservatories

  • Timber

Orangery Roofs

  • Tiled Conservatory Roof

  • Glass Conservatory Roof

  • Solid Panel Conservatory Roof

  • Hybrid Conservatory Roof

Orangery Roof Replacement

Replacing the roof of an orangery is entirely possible. Whether you want larger glazed roof windows for more natural sunlight or to change clear glass for frosted glass, we can deliver the changes you're looking for while making sure that the work gets done effectively.

Our experts have worked with a wide range of solid roofs, fully glazed roof pieces, flat roof designs and countless other roof specifications to bring our clients the best possible results every single time. We understand how important orangery roofs are, and how much of a difference they make to completed orangeries and conservatories.

We are fully prepared to replace roof pieces and change windows whenever it's needed. The roof makes a big difference in an orangery, and we understand how to make sure that our clients get the exact design they're looking for.

Orangery Plans

Planning is a core part of making an orangery possible. We offer advice and year-round support to help clients plan out their orangery brick by brick, helping them to manage the perfect balance of functional design and aesthetics to get our clients what they're looking for.

When it comes to an orangery, having experts on standby to help you construct the overall plan is really important. Even the smallest change can influence how good an orangery is at retaining heat, letting in natural light, or acting as a place to grow exotic plants separate from your main garden.

While other companies like David Salisbury may have pre-set designs, we focus on truly bespoke options that are unique to each client. Our trading style focuses on giving clients the room space that their gardens deserve, right down to the number of windows and the way the light moves through the space.

Do I need planning permission for an orangery?

Not all orangery designs need planning permission. Even something like a brick base doesn't require planning permission, since a typical orangery extension can fit with most building regulations and fall under UK permitted development rights.

However, certain changes may force you to seek planning permission. Our experts can help guide you through the minefield of building rules and regulations you will need to follow if you want to add a conservatory or orangery extension to your home.

If you live in a conservation area or listed buildings (often meaning a period property that can't be modified too much), then planning permission becomes far more important. A listed building sometimes has more restrictions, like matching the brick type and windows to the rest of the house.

Orangery Glass Types

  • Heat Reflective Glass

  • Laminated Conservatory Glass

  • Toughened Safety Glass

  • Self-Cleaning Glass

  • Curved Conservatory Glass

  • Leaded Conservatory Glass

  • Georgians Bars

  • Frosted Conservatory Glass

  • Single Glazed Glass

  • Double Glazed Glass

  • Triple Glazed Glass

Orangery Door Types

  • Bi-Fold doors

  • French doors

  • Patio doors

  • Single doors

  • Panelled doors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Orangery?

An orangery extension is like a conservatory, only with roof lanterns instead of an all-glass glazed roof. Your average modern orangery design will use tall windows with double or triple glazing (some of which will be opening windows) as well as fully-glazed roof lanterns to provide natural light alongside a solid roof.

What is difference between an orangery and conservatory?

Conservatories are simpler garden rooms, often using more basic windows, doors and overall designs. While they're fully-glazed to retain a comfortable temperature, they usually have either a solid flat roof or a full glass roof, glazed just like the windows.

A modern orangery, by contrast, uses roof lanterns and a more solid, stable design. This can mean a brick-built base and mode solid brick walls compared to UPVC frames, acting as a more solid house extension. The roof lanterns let in more natural light while still providing the same benefits as a normal house roof would offer.

Why do they call it an orangery?

The orangery got its name form being used to grow citrus fruits like oranges all year round. Even now, an orangery can be a good way to grow fruits in your house, with the large windows and lanterns letting in more light to help them grow.

Is an orangery cheaper than a conservatory?

An orangery is often going to be more expensive than a conservatory, but that's because the main difference between the two is in the designs. Most orangeries use a range of tougher and more durable materials that cost a lot more overall, letting each orangery add its own strengths to the house while also costing more overall.

Of course, this is still all based on averages. One conservatory may cost far more than another depending on the design, and a simple orangery can be surprisingly cheap. This all depends on the materials, scope, scale and complexity of the orangery design itself.

Which is better conservatory or orangery?

An orangery will provide more value to your house, offer a better view of the garden, and make it easier to grow both simple and exotic plants all year round. The heat retention can mean lower energy bills, and the room that a larger orangery offers can be significant.

However, conservatories are cheaper and often easier to build, making them a faster and less costly option compared to an orangery. They both fall into different niches, even though they're also similar enough to mean that there isn't a perfect option either way.

Both are perfect options for people who want windows out into their gardens, and potential buyers usually enjoy both just as well. Even so, if you want the better option, an orangery can be the ideal way to improve gardens and extend your home.

Are orangeries cold in winter?

Orangeries are very warm all year round, even during colder months. They're designed to retain heat from sunlight and provide warm, comfortable environment regardless of the weather outside, making them incredibly good at providing heating during winter as long as the sun is hitting the windows.

Good insulation makes all the difference. We can make sure that your windows are kept as insulated as the rest of your house, or even go a step beyond and install better-insulated windows to keep that part of your house warmer.

Do orangeries need foundations?

Orangeries, along with any other kind of garden room, absolutely require foundations. Each room like this needs to be built well, with foundations supporting the walls and allowing the extension to stand firm against the house. Without a foundation, the room becomes far less safe.

Even the most basic wooden orangeries can require foundations, since wooden orangeries are no less heavy and complex than their other counterparts. If you have the empty space ready for an orangery, make sure to take into account the fact that you need to have foundations added before it can be constructed.


Orangeries can be a great addition to your home and an amazing place to spend your evenings, especially if you have a nice garden to look out onto. Of course, you also want the right orangery for the job - the better the design, the more you'll enjoy using it as a constant part of your home.

Good orangeries aren't just ones that look good. They also need solid brick bases, excellent insulation, plenty of room to move around, and enough space to be usable without taking up too much room in your garden. Doing all of this without outside help can be tricky at the best of times.

Our experts are fully equipped to provide a massive range of orangery options, helping you tailor the house extension to suit your own personal tastes and requirements. Whether they're being used as garden additions or extra living rooms, we're able to put together an effective orangery room that you'll love having in your home.

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