Edwardian Conservatory in Aberavon

Edwardian Conservatory in Aberavon

The Edwardian-style conservatory eliminates Victorian fussiness in favour of modern openness

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Edwardian Conservatory in Aberavon

The Edwardian conservatory is one of the most popular styles of conservatories being built today in Aberavon. Perhaps because as we transition from an industrial to a post-industrial society more and more people are looking to the past for parallels and the Edwardian period (and by extension the Edwardian-style conservatory) represent a point at which the more ornate, fanciful aspects of the Victorian era gave way to a more fully realised modern sensibility with cleaner lines and simpler shapes.

The Beauty and Practicality of the Edwardian Conservatory

Edward VII reigned at the turn of the last century; a peaceful time yet one marked by profound change. The handmade world was being replaced by the engineered world of mass reproduction and Einstein rose from his seat to inform us that space and time were the same thing. Edwardian architecture embodied this forward looking spirit with its clean, modern lines and simultaneous respect for historical forms. The Edwardian-style conservatory we build for you today is characterised by its:

Generous interior - The Edwardian-style conservatory eliminates Victorian fussiness in favour of modern openness. Floor space is therefore maximized by the simplicity of the layout. Edwardian conservatories don’t necessarily need to be built to purpose: that is, they justify their existence strictly by the amount of useable space they add to the home. The purpose you find for that space is up to you.

Traditional nature - Regardless of the cleanliness of the lines involved and the openness of the space the Edwardian-style conservatory is nonetheless a conservatory. As such it cuts a traditional profile and carries with it traditional associations. Its timeless elegance can help imbue what may have been a fairly nondescript home with a more upscale appearance that can provide both significant curb appeal and a significant increase in the home’s value.

Adaptability - As we’ve alluded to the Edwardian conservatory is one characterised by clean lines and an uncluttered appearance. As such they are imminently adaptable to a variety of purposes and those purposes can change as your tastes change or as the home passes from one owner to another. Because the emphasis is on the creation of space and not the creation of frivolous detail the Edwardian-style conservatory can shift from indoor garden to art studio, to traditional tea room to an extension of your outdoor kitchen effortlessly. You’ll never be caught in a design dead-end, similar to our lean to conservatories in Aberavon.

Throw in the way the gently sloping roof of the Edwardian conservatory catches sunlight along with the fact that the cleaner design means lower construction costs and you have the kind of conservatory that makes sense here in the 21st century. There are few other value propositions that can match this style of conservatory in the home improvement arena. You’ll enjoy more floor space, more natural light, enhanced entertainment possibilities and increased curb value and bottom line market value for your home; all for a fraction of what you’d pay for a traditional extension. Call and speak to one of our design professionals in Aberavon to find out more.

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